Could You Be Pregnant?

If you think you could be pregnant, the best way to tell is to take a pregnancy test. Call us to schedule a free & confidential pregnancy test.
Pregnancy symptoms are different for every woman and every pregnancy. Some women will have pronounced symptoms while others won’t see many at all. That said, if you do notice any of the below symptoms you should get a free pregnancy test done as soon as possible.

Missed Period

Another common pregnancy symptom is missing your regular menstrual period or noticing a difference in menstruation. You won’t experience a regular period if you are pregnant, but you could still notice some light bleeding or spotting.

Swollen or Tender Breasts

As your body gets ready to support a baby, your breasts will swell and become larger and more tender. Many women experience soreness or increased sensitivity in their breasts and nipples when they become pregnant.

Darkened Nipples and Areolas

Along with swelling and tenderness, you may also notice your nipples and areolas become darker. This is often due to increased blood flow to your breast tissue as well as various changes in hormones throughout your body.

Fatigue, Tiredness, and Soreness

Many women notice pronounced feelings of tiredness or soreness when they become pregnant. This can manifest as a backache, a headache, general fatigue, or muscle pains and cramps. These symptoms are due to the various changes in hormones in your body.

Nausea and Morning Sickness

It’s very common for women to experience some level of nausea in their early pregnancy. You may feel queasy or notice a loss of appetite, or you may have full-blown “morning sickness.” However, not all women experience these symptoms.

Food Cravings or Aversions

Along with an upset stomach, you may also get strong or frequent food cravings for foods you don’t usually eat, or aversions to foods you generally like. You may also want to combine odd foods (the infamous “pickles and ice cream”) or simply notice an increase in appetite.

Changes in Urination and Bowel Movements

The hormone surges of early pregnancy can lead some women to urinate more frequently or to feel the need to urinate more urgently than normal. Others may experience some level of constipation during early pregnancy or even throughout their pregnancy.

If you experience any of these symptoms, you should take a free pregnancy test as soon as possible. Call Calaveras Pregnancy Center – A Door of Hope today at (209) 736-9600 to schedule your appointment and get a free pregnancy test, plus access to a variety of educational and support resources.

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