Considering Placing Your Baby for Adoption?

Choosing adoption is a sacrifice: you are placing the good of your child above yourself, and giving them the gift of a home that can support them and care for them throughout their life. However, it’s never an easy decision, and many women have questions or concerns about adoption. If you are interested in learning more about giving your child the gift of a life and a future, keep reading below.

We never profit off of your decision and are not motivated to help you choose adoption. We can also help you decide if parenting might be the right choice for you.

Why Adoption?

Every woman comes to their adoption decision differently. Some aren’t ready to be a parent; others don’t want to go through the difficulty of an abortion. No two women have the same story. However, there are many reasons in common for women to consider adoption:

  • Adoption gives your child the gift of life and a chance to grow up and be happy.
  • Adoption provides a caring, safe, and stable home for your child.
  • Adoption creates families – many adoptive parents can’t have children on their own, and look to adoption to create or complete their own families.
  • Adoption is a loving choice.

Open and Closed Adoptions

One of the most common questions about adoption is the difference between open and closed adoption. Each one of these adoption choices has its place, and it is important to understand the difference early on in the process.

Open adoption is an adoption that allows for some contact between you, the birth mother, and your child. You may stay in touch with the adoptive parents or family, send letters or pictures back and forth, or even get together for visits and gatherings. This style of adoption allows you to watch your child grow up and to be a part of his or her life. Many women appreciate this chance; open adoption is increasingly common, and is the most popular type of adoption today.

However, not all women want an open adoption, for several reasons. Some women don’t want their child to be confused about who their parents are; others don’t want to be reminded that they weren’t able to parent their child themselves. Open adoption requires a woman to be extraordinarily giving, especially as their child grows older.

Closed adoptions are the opposite. In a closed adoption, the mother and the child have no contact after the adoption is finalized. IN some rare cases the adoptive parents will still send pictures or letters to the mother, but most closed adoptions are completely no-contact. This can make the separation easier, since you are able to divorce yourself from the reality of having a child. However, it can also be extremely difficult to know your child is growing up somewhere and doesn’t know who you are.

The Adoption Process

Starting the adoption process is easy. At Calaveras Door of Hope, we can give you a referral to an adoption agency that will work with you throughout your adoption placement. Adoption agencies are full-service providers, and they will walk you through every step of the process.

Common Questions About Adoption

Most women considering adoption have questions. Here are a few of the most frequent questions we’re asked about adoption:

Can I Choose The Adoptive Family?
Yes! Adoption agencies always let you choose the adoptive family, and you can even meet with them to make sure you’re happy with your choice.

Can I See My Baby?
Most adoption plans allow you to see, hold, and even name your baby after he or she is born. You can also arrange for an open adoption that allows you to contact and see your baby as they grow up with their adoptive family.

Are Living Expenses Available?
Depending on your needs and your adoption plan, you may be able to get living expenses such as help paying for rent, food, and other necessities while you are pregnant or recovering from pregnancy. Some adoption agencies also offer other resources like post-adoption support, educational grants, and even dedicated housing and support services.

Does Adoption Cost Anything?
The adoption process is totally free to you. You should never work with an adoption agency or facilitator who asks you to pay to place your child for adoption.

Adoption Help, Support, and Guidance

If you have other questions about adoption or you think you’re ready to start your adoption journey, call Calaveras Door of Hope today at (209) 736-9600. We’re ready to help and to answer all of your questions.

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